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Fake Food Props for Display

On a visit to Japan, what would you want to carry back other than memories? If you have been to Gujo Hachiman, the place of origin of the plastic Japanese food industry, you would know that you can participate in a workshop that teaches you how to create these stuffs.

You can wrap a salad fix or an even more oriental stuff like sushi into your USB flash drive for gifting friends and family.

Handcrafted fake food props make for good gifts, even if you aren’t lucky enough to be able to travel all to Japan. You can order them to be delivered to US or even Australia.

Kitschy stuff. A tempura or a mound of rice wrapped in leaf dangling at the end of a keychain could be your choice or a life-size plastic replica of a glass of beer. Or how about that slice of cheesecake that makes you drool? Maybe it’s the grilled chicken on the skewer that attracts you most.

You can get all of these and more at our online store FakeFoodJapan. Crafted with attention to detail, these gift items resemble the real thing as closely as possible.

To make things easier for you, we publish in English too.

Life-size replicas, key chains, cell phone zipper pulls, USB flash drives, magnets, headphone jack plug, ear picks, frisk mint cases, Business card and iPhone cases.

Our gifts are works of art and you will appreciate the level of detailing that we have incorporated into these to make them look real.

Food categories that we cover include beef, chicken, pork, fish, seafood, sushi, tempura, rice, dessert and drinks.

Magnets in the shape of a cool cucumber slice or a deep fried shrimp or a cut garlic will help you stick the bucket list of to do items on the fridge. There are colorful macarons for the kids in your home or the kid in you. That yummy, frosted doughnut could be your choice for snacks on the go or maybe you like the plain ones? Whatever be your preference, we will make it the way you like it.

Do you use zipper pulls? Do you like boiled eggs? If you do, we have combined both your likes into one product that fit into bags or purse alike. If you like your eggs the sunny side up, we will add them to your zipper pull. We can even shape them into hearts, stars, bears for that extra fun.

We understand the foodie in you would want to carry food around as much as possible, even if it’s only faux food. The art that originated in Japan is now used by many restaurants around the world including Wendy’s in US.

An ear pick or a frisk mint case may be what you would want to order. If you require additional customization, we will do it for you. We will also take bulk orders and keep you updated until you receive it.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Breaking Down the 2014 World Cup

2014 Brazil World Cup

Curtains came down on the 2014 World Cup with Germany winning by a solitary goal over Argentina to lift the expensive 18-carat gold trophy. It was another rare opportunity for fans to see the 13.61 pound trophy on display as most of the time, it stays under heavy guard. The reason is deter a repeat of previous events when the original World Cup trophy was stolen in 1966 while on display at England. Scotland Yard detectives used dog called Pickles to track and retrieve the trophy from a suburban garden.

The trophy was again stolen in 1983 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which ironically hosted the 2014 World Cup. This time, the trophy disappeared completely. It is believed that the thieves melted it down. After this incident, FIFA no longer gives the real trophy to winning teams .It is only given out at the ceremony and passed around. World cup winners get a replica to take home. FIFA keeps the original trophy under heavy guard.

Prize money

Germany 2014 World Cup winners got $35 million prize money which is higher than $30 million received by 2010 winners Spain. Runners up Argentina got $25 million which is $1 million more than what Netherlands who finished second in 2010. The Dutch got $22 and Brazil got $20 after finishing third and fourth respectively in 2014 World Cup.


The 2014 World Cup was one of the most colorful. FIFA President  gave hosts Brazil a rating of 9.5 which is higher than 9 achieved by 2010 hosts South Africa. However Brazil did not win World Cup as widely expected and sportsbooks such as 365BET graciously welcomed. The country christened “home of football” crashed out at the semi-final stage after a heavy 7-1 defeat to Germany. This was the biggest losing margin by any World Cup host. However, the team went to the history books when Neymar JR scored the 100th goal of the 2014 World Cup during the 100th game for Brazil in the World Cup history.

Goal line Technology

The 2014 event was the first time that goal line technology. Several cameras were placed strategically around the goal area to show if ball had crossed the line. The technology was introduced to prevent situations where goals were awarded when the ball had not crossed the goal line or when referees denied genuine goals teams of genuine goals like in 2010 when England’s Frank Lampard hit a ball past German line but the goal was disallowed.

Vanishing foam

2014 World Cup was the first time when center referees used vanishing foam to mark lines when a team was taking a free kick. Opposing players who formed a wall were not allowed to step beyond this line as the free kick was being taken. The referees also used the vanish foam to mark the spot on which to place a ball during free kicks. This addition gave a comical relief especially when a referee decided to use generous amount.

It was during 2014 World Cup when players first took a “cooling break” at 30 minute intervals. Referees stopped the game for few minutes for players to take water during the games played at very high temperatures. This was departure from tradition when the game only took a break at half time.


The 2014 World Cup had more goals scored substitutes (32) than in any edition. The goals include the one scored by Mario Götze in extra time to help Germany win the cup. Götze also made history as the youngest player to score in World Cup finals since Wolfgang Weber in 1966.

It was the year of Germans as Miroslav Klose became the top scorer in World Cup history with 16 goals after dislodging Brazil’s Ronaldo on 15 goals, which one online bookie in particular forecasted this feat to be achieved. During 2014 World Cup Germany striker Thomas Muller scored 5 goals taking his tally to 10 and provided 6 assists in just 13 World Cup games. These goals are some of those that helped Germany to become the top scoring nation in World Cup History (224) after overtaking Brazil on 223.

Red Cards

2014 World Cup had fewer red cards (10) than any other tournament since 1986(8). The above statistics show that there would be many records to break in next World Cup edition.